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S.M. Stirling – A Meeting at Corvallis
Bernard Cornwell – Battle Flag
Ruth Price – The Lives of Agnes Smedley
Jack Whyte – The Lance Thrower
Elinor Langer – Josephine Herbst
Hamlin Garland – A Son of the Middle Border
Karen Miller – The Innocent Mage
Ross Wetzateon – Republic of Dreams
Patrick Rothfuss -The Name of the Wind
John Kaye – Dead Circus
Phillip Herring – Djuna
Bernard Cornwell -The Bloody Ground
Sharon Kay Penman – Cruel as the Grave
Wm. Dean Howells – An Open-Eyed Conspiracy
Charles C. Mann – 1491
Alistair Moffat – The Reivers
Marion Zimmer Bradley – The Forest House
Sharon Kay Penman – When Christ and His Saints Slept
Hamlin Garland – A Daughter of the Middle Border
Elisabeth Ogilvie – Jennie About to Be
Elisabeth Ogilvie – The World of Jennie G.
Elisabeth Ogilvie – Jenny Glenroy
Frank Norris – A Man’s Woman [eBook – Gutenberg]
Ben Ames – All the Brothers Were Valiant [eBook – Gutenberg]
Gene Stratton Porter – A Girl of the Limberlost [eBook – Gutenberg]
Frank Norris – Blix [eBook – Gutenberg]
Kate DiCamillo – The Tale of Despereaux
Wilkie Collins – The Fallen Leaves [eBook – Gutenberg]
Alice Walker – We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For
Wm. Dean Howells – Annie Kilburn [eBook – Gutenberg]
Gene Stratton Porter – Freckles [eBook – Gutenberg]
Wm. Dean Howells – The Ragged Lady [eBook – Gutenberg]


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