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David Liss – The Whiskey Rebels
Charlie Huston – Six Bad Things
Laurie Nataro – The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death
Charlie Huston – Caught Stealing
Gary B. Nash – The Unknown Revolution
David Liss – A Conspiracy of Paper
Larry McMurtry – Boone’s Lick
Mischa Berlinski – Fieldwork
Brooks Jensen – Letting Go of the Camera
Danny Gregory – Everyday Matters
D. Price – How to Make a Journal of Your Life
David Gaider – Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne
Brent Weeks – The Way of the Shadows
Mur Lafferty – Playing for Keeps
Alison Wright – Learning to Breathe
Arlene Radansky – The Fox
Sara Donati – Into the Wilderness
Sara Donati – Dawn on a Distant Shore
Annie Leibovitz – At Work
Deepak Chopra – Life After Death



  1. Impressive list. How did you like “Learning to Breathe?”
    Happy reading in 2010!

  2. Alison, Thank you for stopping by my site. It is a pathetic list. It should have been half again as long, if not twice as long. I blame Twitter. It has really cut into my reading time.

    Learning to Breathe – What a harrowing experience! How you hung on until there was medical help astounds me. Your tenacity is an inspiration to all of us to be fully living our lives, to strive to accomplish, to wake up to the possibilities open to us.

    Of all the books on 2009’s list, Learning to Breathe was the only one I felt compelled to type up a passage to send to a friend. Your career before the accident is so different from my own experience of photographing what is in my yard, seemingly endlessly, gave me a lot to think about in terms of what one needs to be give up in order to pursue a dreams. It is a book I think about long after I’ve read it. Learning to Breathe made a strong impression.

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