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Phoebe Snow, a bluesy singer, guitarist and songwriter whose “Poetry Man” was a defining hit of the 1970s but who then largely dropped out of the spotlight to care for her disabled daughter, died Tuesday. She was 60.

~~ Read more of the obituary in the NYTimes

In the summer of 85, I was at an outside concert on the side of a ski lift in New Hampshire. The Temptations had just finished. Phoebe Snow was up next.  The band started tuning up and playing. They were impossibly loud. How would we ever hear Phoebe sing? She came out on stage. Started to sing. We had no trouble hearing her sing. She belted out the songs . It was an amazing performance.

Even though she was a NJ native, born in Teaneck, and lived in Glassboro that was the only time I heard her perform once.

Here is Utah Philips song Phoebe Snow

Here is Phoebe Snow singing


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